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Joffrey Intensive Merchandise

Discover the exclusive Joffrey Ballet School intensive collection, specially curated for these prestigious and limited intensive dance classes. Each item in this collection is designed to embody the elegance and dedication of the Joffrey Ballet School, offering dancers and fans alike a chance to own a piece of this transformative experience. Available for a short time only, these limited-edition pieces are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and commitment that define the Joffrey Ballet. Don't miss your chance to purchase these unique items and celebrate your connection to one of the most renowned ballet intensives in the world.

Now Available!

Joffrey Italy

Joffrey Italy products are now available! Order by July 28th to get your orders of tanks and t-shirts delivered at the intensive to reduce shipping cost.

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Joffrey Pre-Professional Jazz & Contemporary

New York City Intensives

Joffrey NYC Ballet
Joffrey NYC Hip Hop
Joffrey NYC Jazz & Contemporary Spectrum
Joffrey NYC Musical Theater
Joffrey NYC Tap

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